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Self Adhesive PU Tactile Tile

It is a state-of-art Tactile walking surface indicator for the visually impaired and the differently-abled. This unique product is a very new concept in India and it is ideal for creating a barrier-free environment. These tiles can be installed in minutes by peel-and-bond technology.

PU Tactile tile is manufactured in a standard tile size of 300mm x 300mm with a square edge to ensure tight joints with minimal gaps. 1.5mm butyl rubber adhesive ensures perfect bonding.

• Ramps • Hospitals • Lift entrance • Toilet door entrance • Fire escapes • Schools • Swimming pool • Stairways • Airports • Railway Platforms • Escalator entrances • Bus stops • Car parks • Public entity

Key Features:
• Strong impact and abrasion resistance • High UV stability ensures stand up to India’s harsh climate • Polyurethane made tactile tile ensures long durability • Available in both warning (corduroy) and directional (guidance) profiles • Strong Butyl rubber adhesive resists movement

Braille Signs

We produce customized Braille Signs, ADA compliant signs and engraved signs for buildings, schools and public entities like airports, railways govt. buildings. Our ADA, Braille and Engraved signs are available in many colour combinations (customized)

Braille Layout Plan

Edge Strips for Treads and Risers